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The Pole Boutique website re-vamp

A long-awaited website redesign for the Pole Boutique. This website sees a lot of traffic. This business owner knew her website was in desperate need for a website redesign in order to better serve her customers. As such, the new and improved website importantly brings a number of benefits to the user experience.

After looking at website traffic data, and assessing the most viewed areas of the old website, we’ve ensured aspects like the timetable are easily accessible from every page, especially from a mobile display.

The site was designed to take advantage of the fantastic new photo set that was provided and the website content (text,images) is easy for the client to edit.

The result of this website redesign is a beautiful, robust and user-friendly site that our client and her customers love.

To see what we mean, view the full website here

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website on mobile display
website health check

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